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Room available [14 Jun 2008|09:45am]
Hey chaps!

The 'Wildside house' on Alfreton Road is looking for a new flat mate now that Linda has just moved out. The room isn't massive, but its big enough to fit a double bed, wardrobe, two sets of drawers and enough space in the middle to swing a cat around :) I've personally lived there for ummm about 4+ years now and quite happy with the location, the house itself, never had any trouble or burgalries, no problem neighbours and plenty of parking around the back and side streets (sorry, I've got the driveway! :P). The other person living there is Lewis, and you might have to put up with him singing now and again ;)

Room is available now and house has everything you need (washing machine, cooker, fridge, freezer, bath, shower, etc). Only really want someone who has a stable full time job and has no mental/drinking/drug/etc related problems! BUT must be able to cope with once a month on the first Saturday of the month the Wildside 'after parties' that can get a bit rowdy at times!

If you're interested or know anyone who may be let me know as soon as you can thanks :)



*edit* Forgot to mention the rent is £150 per month!!! Damn cheap.
Council tax + tv licence + broadband comes to £38 each.
Water paid for by landlord, just electric and gas on top of that.
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Birthday night out on Saturday...... [12 Mar 2008|10:46am]
Yea I'll be 27 this Saturday! (boo!) And going out for birthday drinkies.

Peeps are coming round my house sometime after 6pm, and aiming to get to The Salutation no later than 9pm - will most likely troop to the Tap N Tumbler and then onto Rock City! Possibility of party back at mine after depending on how knackered/drunk we are!!

ALL welcome to join in and meet at mine/Sal/Tap whatever!

Message me if you need my phone number :)
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[11 Feb 2008|07:32pm]
hey ... just a quick one to say i will be out of action for a while. currently typing with left hand and taking bloody ages as ive done a 'dave mustaine' and fallen asleep on my arm leaving nerves damaged and right hand almost completely lifeless and out of action. i wont be able to get to neurologist for about 9 days fuck ... in the mean time cant do nothing but rest and hope it springs back into life - apparently could be days, weeks, months depending on the damage who knows :(
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[31 Dec 2007|04:07pm]
Hope you've all had a great Xmas and best wishes for the New Year!

Yes its my first post on here in MONTHS, I'm more likely to post blogs on MySpace as theres more people that can read 'em - in the future I'll be cross posting them and next entry I'll do a summary of 2006 for me. I do however most days read my Friends page like the voyer I am!

Anyway, just a final note to say - if you didn't know I'll be DJ-ing Wildside related stuff tonight to ring in the new year at JUNKTION7!

I'll be starting at 9pm and we can go on to 6am! I'll be downstairs and it'll be FREE all night (theres stuff on upstairs too). So if you're doing a pub crawl or not decided yet, come by J7! I'll be doing Wildside stuff, but also more fun party, pop and rock n roll stuff! Last year was a blast, and Kuli, Bex, Linda, etc will be ringing the new year in with us this time so come on down :)

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QI! [26 Jul 2007|03:20pm]
Your IQ score is 135!>

Visionary Philosopher

Your mind's strengths allow you to think ahead of the game -- to imagine or anticipate what should happen next in just about any situation. Because you're equally skilled in the numerical and verbal universes of the brain, you can draw from multiple sources of information to come up with new ideas and this makes you a Visionary Philosopher.

You also have a knack for matching and anticipating patterns in all sorts of situations, a talent that adds to your visionary philosopher mind.

Hmm not bad, I think thats above average and what not.
It was hardly an indepth IQ test either.

Anyway, cheers Emra!

Take it here - http://uk.tickle.com/test/iq.html

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[13 Jul 2007|03:42pm]
Anyone up for seeing DIE HARD 4.0 tonight or tomorrow?

Let me know or text me! Note - might not see replies till later this evening
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Today I have mostly been.... [01 Jun 2007|01:50am]

...making podiums for girls to dance on at Wildside!!

Which involves nicking a wooden crate (the type that fork lifts use as a base to lift stuff up on), slicing the old kitchen carpet into shape, nailing it to the wood and marking the corners with silver gaffa tape so its more obvious in a dark club. Works quite well I think! Dead proud of my creation - only problem is the old carpet was left outside for a week where it go rained on ... and it SMELLS BAAAAAD! I've repeatedly shampood the carpet and sprayed it with air freshner and whatever else I can think haha, should be interesting come Saturday!

Well I hope to see most of you down WILDSIDE this Saturday, as its our 4th Anniversary celebrations so it's a very special night indeed for us. Not many independant alt. nights last this long in Notts, especially with it going from strength to strength still growing :)

If you don't come, I'll cry!!!!!!!!

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[31 May 2007|02:35am]
Oh the irony in Googling - "JFGI" !!

Work's also installed a 'panic alarm' for me on night shifts, that has been lovably renamed "Al's Rape Alarm"

I'm mostly concerned about the firm next to us, with a giant Cryogenic storage tank and vats labeled 'cold blood storage'. Either they're freezing dead bodies there or vampires might arrive for a midnight snack. Either way - cool!
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woop! [29 May 2007|04:46pm]
Never had Sky/NTL TV/etc ever before so you can imagine my excitement when the new Virgin Media digital tv box arrived today! First thing that comes on?


Thank you Chuck Norris!!

So that was my afternoon ruined with bad TV, was meant to do 'usefull' things on my day off too pah!
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[18 May 2007|02:01am]
Pissin' hell! Will this rain ever stop???!

Well its another night shift and I've finished all my work ... started just before 12, finished just before 2 ... so that's 6 hours to kill - thank god I brought Season 3 of Family Guy with me tonight!! Works still good, I'm digging the night shifts at the moment - its enabling me to do so much more stuff especially when I finish at 9am - things like ... being able to get into town and get what I need such as picking up posters from the printers - usually a pain in the ass if they're closed at weekends and shut at 4.30 anyway when you're doing a 9-5.30 job! Its flexible when I want to get sleep ... I can stay awake for a few hours and nip into town, go to the gym (which works well tiring yourself out if I have trouble getting to sleep in bright daylight), fix / do stuff around the house (put a new lino down in the kitchen, shower now needs fixing, etc) OR I can sleep straight away when I get in and use the evening like today - popping round Ryan and James's for a quick guitar jam working on new songs =) Can't complain! Except for losing Friday nights!!

True night shifts can be unsociable, fuck knows what'll happen if I end up in another relationship and how that'll work out. I seemed to do quite well on Saturday night for once, and had the attention of no less than 3 ladies! WOLLOP! One of which I actually plucked up the courage (for once) at the end of the night to pick up a phone number and ask her out for a drink! RESULT! Then I figured 'Oh fuck - night shifts doesn't leave that much time for this kind of stuff' - unless its a weekend. But then I don't start to near midnight so not all bad.

I feel I need to do a big update about some recent events, trips and drunken Swedish men! Think I'll do a separate entry in a bit when I get bored.

Anyone out this weekend? Anything good on?
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New job stuff [11 May 2007|07:20am]
Yikes well fairly eventful few weeks, suppose the main thing is settling into permanent night shifts at Heart Internet where I have to say for a job so far ... a pleasant and enjoyable experience! I knew I'd pick things up really quickly but everything (again so far) about this company impresses me - from the nice clean and modern office environment with complimentary coffee, tea, crates of free cans of coke/tango/dr peppers, biscuits, cakes and other treats, to the staff all super friendly and happy to be working here also, to the systems as a whole - THEY'RE REALLY FUCKING GOOD SERVERS!! And they don't go down ... EVER! Ok maybe once or twice in the last 2 months, back at WebFusion you were having a very good day if only 2 major servers went down. Everything is so streamlined and automated .. even a customer being naughty on a server theres always something that kicks into play that stops them and gives them a ticking off - no need for me to! So even though I'm doing 2nd Line/Developer stuff on night shift its usually spent clearing off the ticket queue (20 tickets at most) then the rest ... up to me what I do!! It pleasant change to see customer support requests and tickets ALWAYS getting an answer within an hour - its not like we're pressured to as we have plenty of time and staff to do it! Trust me, if you want a simple hosting account and reseller package - Heart is the place to go.

I took night shifts out of choice really, obviously its kick ass pay but it gives me the time to get done what I've always struggled to find time to do (eg update websites, email and spamming about Wildside, design posters and be able to get into town to pick them up) and also space and time to prove I have the abilities to eventually move to a senior role here - being stuck on a day shift with the rest of the guys makes it harder to stand out you know. Its not really fucked with my sleep pattern too much, I've always been a creature of the night - the only bummer is the last night of the shift is Friday-Saturday morning .... meaning I miss Friday nights out completely now and I'm pretty much fucked for stuff on Saturday as I'll be sleeping to early evening ... and if Im not careful sleeping too much and missing important stuff on a Saturday night like the Tuff/Shameless gig the other week! BAH!! I'm hoping to twist arms to move the shifts back a day - wont be long to me 3 month review ;)
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"Now that's what I call action!" [09 May 2007|05:54am]
Oh my god!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger + AC/DC ....    Arnie turns in Angus Young .... Arnie appears in school boy uniform .... Arnie solos(!!) .... Arnie headbangs(!!) .... Arnie even does the Angus Young/Chuck Berry duck walk!!


Did I just dream I watched that?!!
How did I miss this? I've seen the GNR vid from T2 but never this one from Last Action Hero!
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The HOTTEST place to be tonight!! Sex, sleaze and sludge! [07 Apr 2007|04:52pm]
The Swedes the Midnight Cowboys have arrived and already hit the bar ... Knock Out Kaine are dieing of heat exhaustion in their leathers .... and Sweet Seduction are already getting pissed in their van!

With DJ Johnny DJing in the downstairs bar from 8pm with glam videos playing on the big screen... to 9pm upstairs when Midnight Cowboys hit the stage with some proper Swedish sleaze ... from then on its DEBAUCHERY!!

You know the score, you know the night ... expect nothing but quality GLAM N SLEAZE ALL NITE with the club till 2am!!

What better way to spend a scorching bank holiday?

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Well well well! [30 Mar 2007|07:16pm]
What an interesting and 'exciting' few weeks its been! No sarcasm intended but certainly lots of going ons and all kinds of stuff cracking off in the world of Al!

I'll update behind an LJ cut so read on below if you're interested!

Salutation tonight anyone?

Anything going off tomorrow night? (cant be arsed with the Love/Hate / Bang Tango / Bullet Boys fiasco and shambles)
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wowaWEEwaah [15 Mar 2007|11:24pm]
Ho hum! I'm 26 today. Happy birthday to me.

Thankyou to anyone I havent thanked for all the happy birthday texts / emails / cards / myspaz's etc - truly made the day very very good to wake up to.

Celebration/Comiseration plans this Saturday is to start at the Salutation for 8pm (the awesome 80s cheese rock tribute band Rock$tar are playing! Should be a reet laugh!!), then onto the tap at some point then Rock City before midnight! All are welcome!

The 'banging' new speakers for the car from the parental units were very much appreciated, as were the DVDs of "The Departed" and "Borat" heh. Spent most the day tinkering with the new car ... ugh started about 1pm-ish with the task of transfering the CD player from the knackered old Astra to the new shiny red n sexy Madza replacing the ancient tape player in there was task I didnt expect to be such a ball ache ... finished the job around 7ish before the 'rents took me to a nice slap up meal at Frankie N Bennys (YAY).

Since officially being made redundant and unemployed as of Friday ... I walked into the interview for the job I *really* wanted, had a quick chat and got offered it on the spot!! FUCK YES!! Start next monday....  so I've taken the opportunity to have a nice long rest, finish the bits off on the car and for the first time in a month or two get creative with music! Yes PYRETTA is reactivated with a new lineup (stop sniggering at the back Markachu and Shallowthing!) and theres now TWO full songs with new vocalist! I may even share the MP3s on here at some point you lucky lucky people you!

Wrote another one today that is sooooooooooo cheesy ... but goddamn its fun and I DONT CARE.

Well anyway, 25mins left of the birthday er day ... so I think I'll set down to finally watch the horrors at last that lurk within the Borat movie...

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Desperate! [27 Feb 2007|02:55pm]
Right this is taking the piss now. I would need more than two hands to count the number of interviews / phone interviews I've done with employers and agencies trying to find a feckin' job.... none of which have been really up my street.

Im out of a job in about 3 weeks time due to company relocation and nothing concretes come back and I'm getting worried.
Anyone know of any jobs going system admin wise for Linux/Windows server based stuff? Or even Exchange/Blackberry?

All these jobs I've been to and applied for have been 'kinda' in the same ball park, but more erring on other stuff that I dont have a proven track record or experience in.

Today - had a phone interview for what I thought was a sysadmin job on Winows/Exchange/BES servers - turns out it was more desktop support for office networks and PCs with a little of the former thrown in. Answering difficult technical questions about networking aint my forte so I think that went quite badly.


Yes I am desperate to do a bloody LJ entry about this!
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Two awesome gigs confirmed!! [22 Feb 2007|09:26am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Phew, I've been a busy boy of late - and things have been very hectic and nightmarish on the Wildside-front with no less than 3 headline bands confirming and then pulling out on me for the March Wildside!!!!! So I'm late announcing this, but anyway firstly I'm really proud to announce this one -

All 4 are Bloodstock bands! Fans of Manowar/Priest/Maiden will already know of and love the mighty CONQUEST OF STEEL! My good friends AREA54 - if you're not familiar with are Maiden-esque band with a good range of influences and certainly a streak of At The Gates in their sound! RISE TO ADDICTION is basically BLAZE's ex-band - all got together to put out this modern sounding traditional metal band and local goth-metallers PROJEKT will be opening up - fans of Rob Zombie/Paradise Lost/Sisters Of Mercy/Rammstein/etc will like these!!

Tickets are available HERE

And finally to Wildside!

I'm very very happy to have the bands we have for this month - trust me - VOODOO SIX .... they're not glam in the ways of cheesy sleaze like Poision/Pretty Boy Floyd/ ... more dirty groovy classic rock ... but you'll LOVE them! Live... they just have to be seen. I think, this one will go down as one of the best bands we'll have had at a Wildside. Just pure class. Does anyone remember DIRTY DEEDS? Those who supported Iron Maiden on Virtual XI tour? Well its the same guys, different singer! I used to LOVE Dirty Deeds!!

KING LIZARD ..... well to keep all you sleazy / Crue fans happy King Lizard are here to kick your ass! Featuring FLASH from ITV's QuizMania no less!!!! Opening up are young sleaze-punk kids Wild Youth - very talented and rocking!!

OK enough spamming. I'll promise to use LJ for proper updates and stuff from now!!

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[30 Jan 2007|12:58pm]
Fucking hell, Harvey Goldsmiths (very very famous and old now promoter guy, see here - http://www.harveygoldsmith.com/history.php) office just called me asking if I'd like to be in a live televised debate on E4 about 'heavy metal'!

Haha ... why they asking me? I'd just want to talk about Sleeze Beez and Shotgun Messiah ;)

Cant say anything more about the program but I am seriously considering it - it could be a laugh or I could look like a complete twat. Well I grew up a metal head, and still consider myself one even if tastes have become slightly warped over time ... what the heck ...

...and like fuck I'm telling any of you 'orrible lot when its on ;)
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New Years Eve [31 Dec 2006|03:53pm]
Damnit, I keep meaning to update here. Ah will do properly tomorrow I think!

Anyway, if you're around town on New Years Eve and fancy a cool place to drop by or even spend all night ...... Junktion7 is FREE all tonight with live music upstairs and Wildside DJs downstairs (myself and Johnny) plus venue owner Adrian!!

He's paying me in booze I think - so this should be interesting and a lot of fun!! *ooop'*

Happy New Year all whatever you do!

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Shaken, not stirred [17 Nov 2006|02:51pm]
Im so excited about the new Bond film!!!

How sad is that?
I've been looking forward to this one for aaages now and I think going on Sunday will be a nice treat after Wildside. Is anyone up for going to this in the evening?

Oh and for shits 'n' giggles, thought I'd share this with you - http://pyretta.co.uk/misc/Al_White_-_The_Spy_Who_Rocked_Me.mp3
My own hard rock/hair metal tribute to James Bond!!

Ok its not as sad as it seems (yea ok it is then!) - it initially started off as a cheesy hard rock song I was just putting down and then on the verse I thought 'hang on.... this sounds like something familiar!' ... then it all went a bit daft from there!!

Enjoy! I should have sent this to the producers for the soundtrack ;)
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